Wuffi Wuff Wuf

Embark on a Thrilling Adventure with Wuffi Wuff Wuf!

Start your journey with a Wuffi Wuff Wuf, where each Treasure Hunter has the chance to explore, collect, and enhance their treasures through strategic gameplay.

To acquire, you need either an ID Card or a crEDIT Card in your wallet.

Follow these steps to dive into the excitement:

  1. Purchase Your Wuffi Wuff Wuf Pack: Begin by acquiring a Wuffi Wuff Wuf Pack for 1,000,000 WUF$. Each pack guarantees you a Wuffi Wuff Wuf along with a Treasure Hunting License PACK, essential for your upcoming adventures. Unpack. Get another one the next day!

  2. Unpack Your License: This license is vital for participating in daily treasure hunts, unlocking the potential to find valuable treats.

  3. Treasure Hunting: Armed with your license, participate in a Treasure Hunting Run by blending your finds to possibly uncover rare treats. Each treat varies in rarity, from the abundant Commons to the elusive Mythics.

    3.b Treasure Hunting Second Daily Run: Do you have a second license to Treasure Hunt? Then use this blend to Hunt again!

    3.c Treasure Hunting Third Daily Run: Do you have a second license to Treasure Hunt? Then use this blend to Hunt again!

  4. Stake Your Wuffi Wuff Wuf: Register your Wuffi Wuff Wuf for non-custodial staking at the WaxDAO farm. Staking your Wuffi allows you to earn WUF$ passively, enhancing your game strategy and rewards.

  5. Enhance Staking with Treats: Increase your WUF$ staking power by registering any treats you discover during your Treasure Hunts. Each treat adds additional value to your staking abilities, escalating your earnings and making your journey even more rewarding.

By following these steps, you can maximize your profitability in the Wuffi Wuff Wuf Treasure Hunt. Get ready to unlock the treasures within, stake your claim, and reap the rewards of this exciting hunt!