Frequently Asked Questions

WTF is this? Why does it feel so complex?

This is a short film made into an NFT experience. Collect all the pieces to complete the full story. Blend pieces to upgrade and mint new NFTs!

If it feels complex, it is because we added a layer of roleplay on top of the usual NFT experience i.e.: Instead of a launch, we are expecting the Delivery of Crates (Launch or NFT Packs Drop) in which all the Canisters (Packs) await opening!

Are Canisters (packs) Pre-Checked (pre-minted)?

The first location’s Crate (first drop) will not be pre-checked (not pre-minted). The first delivery (drop) will be first come first serve (mint-as-you go) as it has passed Customs because it was a smaller package.

The second and third locations have been intercepted at customs, and will therefore undergo a thorough inspection and those parcels arrive pre-checked (Pre-minted)!
1st Drop: Mint As You Go;
2nd & 3rd Drop: Pre-Minted!

Will I be able to open my Canisters right away after purchase?

We believe in making you wait forever.
Kidding. We are working to allow opening the packs right away, but it is likely that there will be an hour or two of wait until opening the canisters.

What are these "locations"?

Of three filming locations, the first Crate (drop) is the smallest, consisting of only 6% of the total collection! These include the first part of the story and will not be pre-minted.
The following locations are pretty massive, and were caught by Customs right away for verification and inspection. The contents, having been verified, becomes pre-minted.
So, as you can see, these locations are part of the roleplay. They act as a excuse for an NFT drop to happen. Makes it all whimsical and stuff..

Will Blending be available right away?

While the all the art is complete, we will allow the collectors to gather and get to know the pieces. We will tease and inform of what’s coming, and collectors will have enough room for decision on which direction to go with their cards!

What's an NFT Filmmaking Experience?

It’s a roleplay layer slapped onto a short movie broken up into pieces, which you will be able later on to assemble into all sorts of vintage and retro mediums!

By combining technicality and artistry, we have created a unique collection where you act as the editor hired by us to figure out this mess. There’s a lot of work to do to assemble everything!

We also have many future phases planned out, making this a progressive collection!

Where can I see this film?

We have taken the film of the interwebs except for one spot 😉

Through assembly, we intend to complete the film, and to ultimately premiere it in a special room that we will prepare.

Future's Relic? The Wellkeeper? What's what?

Future’s Relic is the brand and production force behind The Wellkeeper NFT Collection. The Wellkeeper is a short film that was shot by a group of students in Montreal in 2009. Klin-Dakoil was one of those students and holds all rights to use this production. In 2009, Klin-Dakoil added the english captioning and re-named it © The Wellkeeper.

What are the collection limits?

The collection is produced from the odds and based on the Mutoscopes. We have 24 Completed Mutoscopes of four different types. for a total of 96. When assembling the Mutoscope Reels, you stand have 25% chance to get:

  • Mutoscope
  • Mutoscope on Fire
  • Wonky Mutoscope
  • Flooded Mutoscope
Slides! Why so many slides!?

Slides have qualities that we may learn from, and perhaps mimic in the future!

Any dApps in the works?

Full of ideas!! but not yet, we lack Dev superpowers…
We envision Theater (land) owners providing a place to Sell Popcorn (mining?), Advertise Posters (staking?), and watch the film and where others can view the assembled films (lending? rewards?)

There’s more, reach out to us if you have such capabilities!