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Future's Relic

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Help Wanted

Editing Interns Wanted!

We have received numerous film pieces from an abandoned film set in the desert, and we need dedicated interns to help us organize and restore this precious footage. If you are ready to dive into the world of film editing and contribute to this exciting project, start your journey here.

Help Wanted: Film Editing Interns
Future's Relic is looking for any able-bodied film editing interns. We are expecting a lot of footage very soon. We will provide you with training.

What's expected of our interns?

  • Organize and sift through the pieces
  • Get to know the footage
  • Gather the tools and markers
  • Assemble matching pieces.

Sign up today.
We will call upon you once the work begins.

NeftyBlocks Drops

The Internship

As an Intern, you are to learn your way around our facilities and to prepare studio instruments into production instruments.

Begin by unpacking an intern package.
Then, complete the intern tasks.
Stack leftover documents.
Finally, participate in the recycling plan.

Precision Intern Package

Everything you need to get started!


Desktop Instruments

Studio Instruments -> Production Instruments

Studio Instruments are basic tools which you can convert into production Instruments and are animated. Production Instruments will be needed to blend the different collection pieces based on their rarities.


Intern Card

with punched holes

New Interns receive an Intern Card. Each time you complete an Intern Task, a hole will be punched in your card. Once your card has four punched holes, you can exchange it for an Intern Editor card.

NeftyBlocks Drops

Intern Editor Card

This card allows you to perform basic editing.

NeftyBlocks Drops


Blend this card to activate it as an ID Card: Editor on Payroll. This will get you on the Payroll, allowing you to earn Wax Seals and crEDITs every week. You can also claim a weekly schedule, which has a 1% chance of including a Training Day for aspiring Jerryriggers.

NeftyBlocks Drops

ID Card: Editor on Payroll

Apple Office lead Speaker

ID Card: Editor on Payroll. This will get you on the Payroll, allowing you to earn Wax Seals and crEDITs every week. You can also claim a weekly schedule, which has a 1% chance of including a Training Day for aspiring Jerryriggers.

NeftyBlocks Drops


Going through the bits and pieces, you will discover various mediums such as slides, preview monitors, negatives, cellulose film, scrolls and mutoscope reels!

Assemble matching pieces with the aid of production instruments, mosaic chapter markers and other ingredients.



Slides are collectibles through which you can follow the story in a visual sequence.
They are a great way to view every rarity/brand’s individual visual qualities.


Introducing Slideshows – Blend your SLIDES from the same RARITY & CHAPTER and you will receive a corresponding Slideshow!
This helps reduce the quantity in your wallet, and it’s a great way to get to know the various film emulsion Brands as well as their visual qualities and properties.

Slide Presentation


Preview A & B

Preview – Uncommon
29x(A) Clapper, 29x(B) Action
Sonio Previews are collectibles showing the slate clap from the original footage, while simulating a damaged preview monitor. If you assemble the same number with part A and B, it will create a complete numbered Sonio Preview. Afterwards, you will have the option to transform it into a Reflex viewfinder of a camera.



31x Negatives
Tokenchrome Negatives are collectible displaying three negative images of the story in a certain
order. These will transform into Lenticular cards.



64x Cellulose, 26x Sequences
Tokenchrome Cellulose are collectibles playing segments of a sequence of the story, it includes moving pictures and an audio track recorded in french.

Combining the corresponding pieces of a number will produce a Sequence of that number.



26x Scripts, 26x Plans
Scripts and Plans are collectible scrolls displaying the early drawings and the english narration
of the story.
Combining the matching numbered Plan & Script will create a Storyboard of the same number.


Mutoscope Reel

7x Reels
Mutoscope Reels are collectibles displaying a part of the complete story on a simulated old
timey mechanical flipbook.
Finding all seven reels and blending them together will give you one of four full Mutoscopes
[Normal, Fire, Flood, Wonky].
There will be a total of 96 full Mutoscopes per type, for a total of 384 full Mutoscopes (if all
Mutoscope Reels are blended).


These Canisters were sent via crates by Mr. Curious, which he donated to Future’s Relic.

These canisters contain pieces of a film that were found out in the desert, and we are going to need your help!

Film Box crate

Film Box

from the First Location

crEDIT$ 6
  • Chapters 0 & 1
  • Triple Canister - 72 NFTs
  • Single Canister - 24 NFTs
  • Film Box - 6 NFTs
Small Canister

Small Canister

from the Second Location

crEDIT$ 8
  • Chapters 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • Triple Canister - 72 NFTs
  • Single Canister - 24 NFTs
  • Small Canister - 8 NFTs
3rd Location Film Case

Film Case

from the Third Location

crEDIT$ 7
  • Chapters 6 & 7
  • Triple Canister - 72 NFTs
  • Single Canister - 24 NFTs
  • Film Case - 7 NFTs

Scary B.S. Letters

Scary Border Services Agency's Legal Letters

Uncover the mystery behind the unopened legal envelopes from the Border Services Agency. Each letter contains critical information about one of the six daunting legal charges. Are you ready to face the challenge and help clear Future's Relic of these allegations? Open the envelopes and dive into the intrigue!

NeftyBlocks Drops

Makeshift Marking Pen

Step 1: Inspect Jerryrigged – Mechanical Pencil (Empty)

Step 2: Inspect Marker Tape

Step 3: Makeshift Marking Pen

Charge #1 – Tea

  1. Get Border Service Agency – Official Correspondence #01

  2. Inspect Enveloppe

  3. Inspect Paper Weight

  4. Inspect Splicer

  5. Makeshift: Writblade

  6. Break the Seal

HR Tasks – Tea

  1. Inspect – 01 Charges Tea

  2. Inspect & Highlight – Shipping Slip

  3. Inspect & Highlight – Tea

  4. Inspect & Highlight – Telegram

  5. Get Affidavit

  6. Document Submission for Tea Charge Examination

taco venue

Join the Future's Relic Snack Bar's Brigade!


Future's Relic Snack Bar

Choose Taco Venue


Run Brigade - Earn Shing


Earn SHING every time you execute a Brigade!

NFT Giveaway

Future's Relic Snack Bar offer 18 NFTs randomly assigned to those who run the brigade everyday!

Stake Taco

Stake Taco to increase the SHING payout per executed run!

Since level 150, a new poster has been created at every 5 level of the Taco Venue.

These posters may be staked in a WaxDao farm to earn more SHING!


NeftyBlocks Drops