Wax makes it easy for anyone to collect, trade and participate in the NFT craze! We aim to bring worthy projects out of the shade, and it is totally worth your while!

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We merge filmmaking and technical know-how with an artistic flair in an intricate, hypnotic and engaging collection!

Gather the pieces, unveil the story within, around and behind these NFTs.

Get into the roleplay and enjoy!

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The Correspondences

A Curious Traveller

It looks like some lucky traveller has stumbled upon an abandoned film set and is donating all of the footage to us for restoration. There’s a lot to do and we’re gonna need your help! Have a look at these correspondences that we’ve received, and help yourself to a free copy or maybe someone out there is willing to let one go!

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Our vision


Future's Relic

Like you, we really enjoy NFTs, and we can see so much potential, especially on Wax.

Imbedded, is a roleplaying element where Future’s Relic is hiring you as an editor to assemble the pieces of a film that was found and being sent to us. Now, you may or may not take part in the RPG, no matter, because this collection will nevertheless provide you with a valuable story presented in clever ways which were guided by nostalgia, plain and simple. This IS the World’s First NFT Filmmaking Experience! 

Be part of the history!

Klin-Dakoil, our artist, has been working alone nonstop for weeks, juggling between his family, work, this project and of course his wife Argonauta, to which he owes so much gratitude for allowing him to pursue this vision. I really need to rest… I mean Klin-Dakoil really needs a proper night sleep. Make that a week.

We are busy in production, which is why we are outsourcing some of our tasks to you!

What to Expect from this Collection

Let’s talk out of roleplay for a minute…

This collection is massive and very extensive! There are over 900 templates ready for the launching phase and blending phase that will follow.

The collecting aspect of NFTs has a layer of roleplay that adds to the experience in which we are trying to assemble the full story, and other cool stuff!

Within the assets you will find a short story with high re-playability value,  many different pieces with hypnotic and varied designs. It all holds together with your participation!

Many updates to come as we unveil the storyline; it all begins with your interest!

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