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Have you ever heard the story of

Future's Relic

We are creating a Filmmaking Experience through NFTs. Get into the roleplay, gather corresponding pieces and get ready to assemble them!

The Wellkeeper

There’s a short film with an interesting story within these NFTs, and many different mediums through which it can be told and retold!

Getting Started

  1. A Curious Traveller
  2. Internship
  3. Recycling & Wax Seals
  4. Intern Tasks
  5. Collection Pieces

Wax Blockchain

Wax makes it easy for anyone to collect, trade and participate in the NFT craze! We aim to bring worthy projects out of the shade, and it is totally worth your while!

A Look at the Collection

Going through the bits and pieces, you will discover various mediums such as slides, preview monitors, negatives, cellulose film, scrolls and mutoscope reels!

Crew Call

Editor Tasks

You can find information about the various Editor Tasks right here by clicking the images.


It all began when a lucky traveller going by the name of Mr. Curious sent us some correspondences detailing how he had found film sets out in the desert.

Slide Developing Kit – SDK

Operating Instructions

Editor Package


Open a Precision Intern Package and you will find everything you need to get up to speed on the situation and what you can do to help!

You will surely feel your own progression at some point, just remember to keep your Intern’s Card on you at all times.

As an Intern, you are to learn your way around our facilities.

Stack your Documents

In an attempt to rid our lives of papers, we have implemented a recycling department!
Use a Desktop Instrument to secure your documents for later reference.

Wax Seal Reward per Stack

Recycling Plan

We take recycling seriously around here, so we expect you to follow suit.

Help us keep this place tidy, and we will reward you with some WAX SEALS!

Wax Seals

Collect & Use to Purchase Pieces of The Wellkeeper

We have a great opportunity for willing interns! Get some frames from Chapters 0 & 1 by simply opening Intern Packages, making Stacks of Documents, Recycling and Completing Intern Tasks!

Intern Tasks

When you complete an Intern Task, you help us keep a clean work environment as well as to contribute to the improvement of our tools!

Completing TASKS is the only way to transform a STUDIO INSTRUMENT card into a production INSTRUMENT (animated).

Instruments will serve to assemble the many pieces of The Wellkeeper.


These Canisters were sent via crates by Mr. Curious, which he donated to Future’s Relic.

These canisters contain pieces of a film that was found out in the desert, and we are going to need your help!


Introducing Slideshows – Blend your SLIDES from the same RARITY & CHAPTER and you will receive a corresponding Slideshow!
This helps reduce the quantity in your wallet, and it’s a great way to get to know the various film emulsion Brands as well as their visual qualities and properties.



Slide Presentation


Preview A & B

Fixed Preview Monitors


Preview A & B





Reflex Viewfinder









Scroll Plan, Scroll Script & Sketch



Mutoscope Reel

Read our Whitepaper

Relics once were brand new.

An NFT Filmmaking Experience

We merge filmmaking and technical know-how with an artistic flair in an intricate, hypnotic and engaging collection!
Gather the pieces, unveil the story within, around and behind these NFTs.
Get into the roleplay and enjoy!

The Final Cut

Expect new designs for your blends, including some tools and chapter marker cards as well as a following phase to look forward to…

The Premiere

Time prepare some posters, tickets, popcorn and a red carpet! We’re already working to book the theatre. This should be exciting!

The Director's Cut

Every cult classic deserves a directorial cut! This is the perfect occasion to make any changes that we’d like to see! New blends, new designs! Revealed in time.

Future's Relic

Like you, we really enjoy NFTs, and we can see so much potential, especially with AtomicAssets.

Included, is a roleplaying element where Future’s Relic is hiring you as an editor to assemble all the pieces from all three locations where the film sets were found. Now, you may or may not take part in the rpg, the collection will still provide a valuable story presented in clever ways guided by nostalgia, plain and simple. This IS the World’s First NFT Filmmaking Experience! 

Be part of history! Try to mint the first Mutoscope!

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